heal «heel», transitive verb.
1. to make whole, sound, or well; bring back to health; cure: »

The medicine and rest will soon heal your wound. Physician, heal thyself (Luke 4:23).

SYNONYM(S): See syn. under cure. (Cf.cure)
2. Figurative. to free from anything bad; save; cleanse: »

So the waters were healed (II Kings 2:22).

3. Figurative. to get rid of (anything bad): »

Silence, like a poultice, comes To heal the blows of sound (Oliver Wendell Holmes).

to become whole or sound; grow well; become well; return to health; be cured: »

His cut finger healed in a few days.

[Old English h, related to hāl whole]
heal´a|ble, adjective.

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